Lirik Lagu Yellow Claw – Ride Or Die

“Ride Or Die”
(feat. Kalibwoy)

Dawg enuh, awrite

Man a real rude bway wid de Hennessy
Mi a pump up de place wid mi energy
De drum an de bass a de remedy
An fyah affi blaze pon a enemy
Wi born straight never not pretend to be
An de gyal dem a love off wi energy
Bottles pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it like it spread yuh si
Fyah affi blaze pon a enemy
An mi a bun up anyweh
Rightnow mi deh wid Yellow Claw
Wi mek de whole place a burn up
Mi an de rude bway deh yah
An yuh know wi neva lauf
De whole place a burn up

(Right now wi burn it up, burn it up)
Fyah blaze an mek it burn up
Blaze an mek it burn up

Mia de fyah starter
Suh fyah cyah done
We run de place wi guh up an set out
Full a energy
Fe de enemy neva load
Wi mek de fyah bun
Cau’ dem know wen bad man a
Enter, enter
Cannot cool wi tempah
Wen it comes to dancehall
Mi a de defender
Remember wi nuh kno
Nutt’n nuh surrender
Mi heart ice cold
Cau’ mi cum outta de center


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