Lirik Lagu Childish Gambino – Terrified

“Terrified” There’s a bottom to the top of the momentYou won’t always be aroundCatch a nigga coming quickly behind yaPeople want you undergroundDo you misbehave?Haunt you to your graveI’m going to eat you alivePlease don’t find me rudeBut I don’t eat fast foodSo don’t run to me, babyUh, are not Just hide, oh!You know that … Baca Selengkapnya

Lirik Lagu Childish Gambino – Riot

“Riot” I can feel itDeep inside my bodyI’ve been watching all this all nightI got to move itThis pressure brewingThis world don’t feel alright Everyone, everyone!Get down, baby, get down, babyFly, fly, fly, highEveryone, everyone!Get down, baby, get down, babyFly, fly, fly, sun No good fightingWorld, we’re out of captainsEveryone just wants a better lifeThey … Baca Selengkapnya

Lirik Lagu Childsh Gambino – Zombies

“Zombies” [Childish Gambino:]All I see is zombiesWalking all around usYou can hear them coming (they come to take your life)You can hear them breathing, breathing down your spine All I see is zombiesHear them screaming at herThey can smell your moneyAnd they want your soulHere they come behind youTry to stay alive [Kari Faux:]We’re coming … Baca Selengkapnya

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