Lirik Lagu Adele – Send My Love To Your New Lover l Arti & Terjemahan

Lirik Lagu Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover) Arti & Terjemahan Lirik Send My Love menceritakan tentang masa lalunya Adele, dalam Lirik ini Adele menceritakan tentang sikap dewasa seseorang ketika mantan kita sudah mempunyai pacar baru. Lirik Send My Love dulunya berjudul We Ain’t Kids No More. [Intro:] Just the guitar? Hanya gitar? … Baca Selengkapnya

Lirik Lagu Kane Brown – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now

“Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” We’ll be road trippin’ rollin’ with the top down, southboundLittle bikinis and white sand I can’t sleep, gotta leaveThe summer sun starting to peek through my window, letting me knowTime’s up, it’s time that we goGot a lead foot waiting and a pocket full of cashCooler full of beer and … Baca Selengkapnya

Lirik Lagu Kane Brown – Cold Spot

“Cold Spot” A cement buildingWhite cinderblocksAnd faded red lipsThe sign read cold spotHe worked behind the counterTo them he was an old manWhen my world was crumblingMy grandpa gave me his hand It was crickets, minnows and keroseneRC, moon pies and a softball teamLearned about lifeLearned about girlsLearned about livin’ in this cold, cruel worldIt’s … Baca Selengkapnya

Lirik Lagu Kane Brown – Thunder In The Rain

“Thunder In The Rain” Your lips, your eyes, don’t wanna let goYour skin on mine, I’m losing controlHear the rumble in your chestFeel the wind comin’ off your breathYour curves ain’t slow me downAin’t nothin’ gonna stop us now You’re fire, I’m lightnin’We’re burnin’ at the coreFallin’ and crashin’Girl, we’re a perfect stormEvery time our … Baca Selengkapnya

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